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Journey Through the Quran

Sisters Ramadan intensive course: Journey through the Quran this Ramadan!

How many of us resolve each year that we will attempt to study the Qur’an?
Can you imagine the joy you will feel when you understand some what is being recited in the tarawih prayers this Ramadan?
Are you aware of the key messages and lessons in the Qur’an?
How can you engage with the Qur’an for your personal development?
Is there a ‘crash course’ on the Qur’an you can attend?

In this course you will learn:

-> Key stories, messages and lessons of the Qur’an
-> Summary and overview of selected surahs
-> Personal development lessons from the Qur’an
-> How to benefit from the Qur’an in your daily life
-> Quran Halaqah with Tajweed tips
-> Beautiful lessons on Rabbana Duas from the Quran

Total course cost: only £10!
Certificate on Successful Completion
Sisters Only

Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Thursdays, throughout Ramadan
10am - 12pm

Out of stock
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