"Big Eid" Fun pack

What are we doing to revive the spirit of Eid?

Lets make it an Eid for the kids to remember!

Here are a few tips and ideas:

1. Decorate the house and put up colourful balloons and Eid Mubarak signs found in the “Fun Pack”

2. Get gifts for the family, or together with the kids make some! You can get some ideas at https://www.pinterest.co.uk/renaali84/eid-kids-games-and-crafts/

3. Play your favourite games together with the family. Pull out any board games/activites you have and then let the family vote what to play!

4. Use our pack! Download it for free, print it out and get started!

Note: All Packs will be sent out on Monday 27th July 

To download the pack, comment on the Instagram or facebook post below, and tag a friend or two. You may even win the competition!

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1. Put the Eid gifts in a locked room/ cupboard
2. Place the key in a purse, out of view and ready to be found later on
3. Give children the decoder and tell them they will need to find the numbers for each task.
4. Give them task 1 to begin and give each following task after the competition of the previous one.

By working out the secret word using the decoder, they will find out the key is in your purse and can then unlock the door/cupboard to get the Eid gifts.

Task answers:
Task 1 number: 4 -> P
Task 2 number: 10 -> U
Task 3 number: 15 -> R
Task 4 number: 5 -> S
Task 5 number: 6-> E

Secret word = PURSE

Task 3- Surah challenge answers:
1. Surah Ankaboot
2. Surah Nuh
3. Surah Teen
4. Surah Layl
5. Surah Hajj
6. Surah Najm
7. Surah Feel
8. Surah Alaq
9. Surah Ra’ad
10. Surah Qalam
11. Surah Qamar
12. Surah Waqiah

1. Publish a book

2. Make Slime

3. Blow Bubbles

4. Make a fort out of pillows and blankets

5. Go on a nature hunt in your garden

6. Decorate a window with art

7. Try a new recipe

8. Make greeting cards

9. Make your own flashcards

10.See what you can make from a cardboard box

11. Draw comics

12. Write a letter to a friend

13. Create chalk drawings

14. Paint with water

15. Fingerpaint

16. Read a book out loud to your per / sibling

17. Make Playdoh

18. Create a faiy garden

19. Perform a puppet show

20.Put your costumes together and make a new character

21. Make your own popsicles

22. Make a journal and write in it daily

23. Paint rocks

24. Do a puzzle

25. Plant seeds

26. Make Shadow puppets with a flashlight

27.Invent a new game

28. Set up a pretend shop in your room- what will you ‘sell’?

29. Make a mosque from a cardboard box

30.Have a Quran or Nasheed competition


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