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Ustaad you have a very warm personality which is an essential component of being an effective teacher (Maa’sh’Allah) Your explanations are very clear and you always keen to ensure the students made progress

Sajad Akram

Adults Tajweed

I am very happy with their teaching. My daughters are very happy and want to learn more every day, excited to go madrassah. My girls read namaz at home which their ustadha had a big hand in. Their teaching skill are excellent 5 stars from me


Weekday Maktab

I have 3 children going to the madrassah. Daughters have weekend maktab and in the 2 days masha allah have gained alot of knowledge about our deen

They learn the quran and islamic studies. They have good tajweed and Islamic manners. They enjoy going to madrassah.

My son goes weekdays maktab and he has gained alot of knowledge and and looks forward to go to his class


Weekend Maktab

I attend the sisters classes which have been very beneficial for me

They have helped me to correct my quran and salah, and the talks i have attended are always relatable to our lives today.

I think it is important to not only encourage your children but also yourself to improve your deen so the sisters classes are a must for all mothers


Sisters Free Classes

I recommend this place to everyone who wants their childern to learn Quran and Islamic studies. The teachers are really good and kind to the children. My kids love going there

Khalil Arshad

Weekday Maktab

Alhamdulillah my daughter has been attending for over 2 years and has gained a great deal of knowledge.

Quran tilawah with tajweed, Islamic studies and encouragement and incentive for her to start reading salah, which my daughter has started to do by herself and loves to go madrassah too.

The teachers have an excellent manner and method of teaching and give rewards & awards to keep students motivated with key focus on their Islamic identity.

May Allah swt make this madrassah a success put barakah in all their work and reward the teachers for their hard work and dedication. Ameen


Weekday Maktab

My 3 daughter’s really enjoy studying at this mosque,they have learned so much in a short period of time. They learn about Islam and my daughter’s enjoy learning as they have fun activities too


Weekend Maktab

Assalamu alaykum my daughter has started Ad-Duha class Allhamdulillah as a parent I am really happy with how she has progressed Allhamdulillah the Ustadah’s are amazing SubhanAllah


Weekday Maktab

Asalaaam Alaikum. My 2 children have been attending this madrassah for 5+ years and have gained a great deal of knowledge. Not only in reciting with tajweed but also Islamic manners.

The ustadh’s put in great effort within the children’s teaching. I am content that my children have gained excellent education within the deen as they are praying and focusing on their Islamic beliefs and are able to identify the rights and wrongs in Islam.

May Allah Swt make this madrassah a success and reward the ustadhs. Ameen

Muhammad Haseeb

Weekday Maktab

my daughter has been attending the weekend classes for a few months now and i have noticed a great deal of change in her pronounciation.

Not only is she learning the rules of tajweed but she also has the confidence to teach and correct me in my recitation.

So far she has learnt some stories of the prophets, the importance of cleanliness, how to perform wudu, and other various topics in her islamic studies


Weekend Maktab

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