Ad-Duha Pre-Maktab gives your child the perfect start in their Maktab journey. We provide inspiring and stimulating childcare and Islamic Studies for children from 4 to 5 years. Our programme focuses on Tarbiyah as well as using a child-centered approach and encouraging the development of children through interaction, play, creativity, and physical activity within a nurturing and happy environment.

Our Pre-Maktab has a specifically designed syllabus to meet the needs of your child, with colourful and bright play areas with age appropriate learning resources which will help your child’s imagination blossom and develop.

Combined classes for boys and girls.

Taught by a qualified Early Years teacher with years of experience managing and teaching in nurseries.


•Small class sizes

•High quality teaching

•Regular progress reports

•Fun environment full of activities

•Structured syllabus taught by qualified & experienced staff

    The programme includes:

    • lThe Arabic Alphabet (reading and writing)
    • Qur'an (pronouncing the letters with tajweed)
    • lIslamic Stories
    • lNames of Allah
    • lIslamic Tarbiyyah
    • Short Dua's
    • Saturdays and Sundays 12pm-1:45pm
    • Age: 4-5 years

    Frequently Asked Questions

    Some Regular questions asked, if your question is not listed please do ask via the Contact Us page.

    What times do the classes run?

    Classes run from 12pm – 1:30pm

    What time should I bring and collect my child?

    Children should arrive at the Madrassah 5 mins before their time slot begins and should be collected no later than 5 mins after it ends.

    Are your teachers qualified?

    All teachers are qualified and have the appropriate training. They have been teaching in nurseries for many years and know exactly how to make the class fun, enjoyable and safe for your kids.

    Why are the fees £40, isn’t that too expensive?

    Fees being a minimum of £40 is important for the running of the Madrassah and for paying off the rent. We aim to keep high standards of education and teaching and every pound is put to use in the service of the Deen. Our teachers are fully qualified and they have made a choice to not receive any wages- they all work for the sake of Allah swt, so we hope parents can do their part and understand that we are a non profit making organisation. All the money raised goes into running costs of the madrassah


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