Weekend maktab class

At Ad-Duha institute, we have been developing our syllabus for a number of years to fit students learning styles and requirements. We understand that children are young and can lose concentration so the time your child will spend at our madrassah will be efficiently scheduled to ensure that children read, learn and also have fun with engaging lessons.

The syllabus covers 3 core subjects

These topics are not only taught to cover classical knowledge but their relevance to our lives today are explored and explained in detail allowing students to develop a deeper understanding, good manners and etiquettes and giving them a strong foundational knowledge in Islam

Recitation of the Quran

Students begin their journey of recitation by focusing primarily on correct pronunciation and articulation of the letters as well as learning how to recognise and becoming comfortable with the Arabic script. After completion of the Qāʿidah, the students progress to recite the Juz ʿAmma and then progress to begin reciting the Qurʿān. During the last two stages, more complex rules of reading and reciting (Tajweed) are taught. By the end of the course, students will insha’Allah have attained a high standard of Tajweed. 

Memorisation of Duas, Adhkaar and Salah

Our syllabus also emphasizes the teaching of Salah and memorisation of various DuasStudents are tested by teachers regularly to check for errors and their progress is tracked throughout the year. Other than the recitation in Salah, various other aspects are taught such as the importance of Salah, translation, various Fiqh rulings etc.

Islamic Studies

As a madrassah, our main focus, alongside teaching the recitation of the Quran, is to provide students with essential knowledge which can help them develop into upright and knowledgeable Muslims who will be a source of benefit to themselves, their families and the wider community.

Some of the aspects we cover are:

Fiqh (Islamic jurisprudence; the rules and practices we follow in Islam)

Aqīdah (understanding correct Islamic beliefs)

Sīrah (The biography of the Prophet Muḥammad, peace be upon him, and its relevance)

Islamic history, spanning the lives of all the previous Prophets as well as major events of importance

Ādāb (Islamic manners and etiquette essential to a moral and rewarding life)

  • Saturdays and Sundays 12pm-2pm
  • Age: 6-15 years (Separate classes for boys & girls)


•Weekly reading reports

•Small class sizes (Max 13 per class)

•Enjoyable and relaxed environment

•High quality Qur’anic teaching with Tajweed (pronunciation) rules

•Development of ‘Ilm (Knowledge) ‘Aml (Practices) & Akhlaq (Etiquettes)

•Structured syllabus taught by qualified & experienced staff (all DBS checked)

Frequently Asked Questions

Some Regular questions asked, if your question is not listed please do ask via the Contact Us page.

What times do the classes run?

Classes run from 12pm till 2pm

What time should I bring and collect my child?

Children should arrive at the Madrassah 5 mins before their time slot begins and should be collected no later than 5 mins after it ends.

Are your teachers qualified?

All teachers are qualified in subjects that they teach. They all have relevant qualifications in Tajweed, Arabic, Islamic Studies, Aqeedah, Fiqh etc

This also applies for our tuition teachers who have qualifications in Primary and Secondary education and also teach in local schools and colleges

Why are the fees £40, isn’t that too expensive?

Fees being a minimum of £40 is important for the running of the Madrassah and for paying off the rent. We aim to keep high standards of education and teaching and every pound is put to use in the service of the Deen. Our teachers are fully qualified and they have made a choice to not receive any wages- they all work for the sake of Allah swt, so we hope parents can do their part and understand that we are a non profit making organisation. All the money raised goes into running costs of the madrassah

What is the number of children per class?

We teach in a classroom based environment and limit class sizes to 13 students per class

My 3 daughter’s really enjoy studying at this mosque,they have learned so much in a short period of time. They learn about Islam and my daughter’s enjoy learning as they have fun activities too


Weekend Maktab

I have 3 children going to the madrassah. Daughters have weekend maktab and in the 2 days masha allah have gained alot of knowledge about our deen

They learn the quran and islamic studies. They have good tajweed and Islamic manners. They enjoy going to madrassah.

My son goes weekdays maktab and he has gained alot of knowledge and and looks forward to go to his class


Weekend Maktab

To see more feedback and reviews check the feedback page

my daughter has been attending the weekend classes for a few months now and i have noticed a great deal of change in her pronounciation.

Not only is she learning the rules of tajweed but she also has the confidence to teach and correct me in my recitation.

So far she has learnt some stories of the prophets, the importance of cleanliness, how to perform wudu, and other various topics in her islamic studies


Weekend Maktab


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