As we only had three weeks of December, the students did 2 projects and on the third week, there was an assembly noting who was the student of the month and the prize they would receive.

Week 1

On the first week, the children learnt about Dawah, why it is so important and the effects it can bring. They learnt about how actions can have a huge effect on people and are one of the greatest forms of dawah. The students were very interested as many of them had not heard of dawah before and wanted to explore the topic further.

As homework for the next week, students wrote a letter to ‘Mr. Tom’ who was described as their fellow neighbour who is kind, caring and loves to give charity. However, he did not know about Islam. The children were set with an activity to write a letter to or make a poster for Mr. tom, teaching him about Islam. The students had to make sure they were using positive words for Mr. Tom and not being forceful, bearing in mind that guidance is ultimately from Allah swt.

I'd like to invite you to Islam. Instead of Christmas and Halloween you can celebrate Eid and Ramadhan

Week 2

In the second week, students began a draft to make a special poster, the Dos and Don’ts of dawah. This was to teach students the correct way of giving dawah via a soft approach. After completing this plan, they would expand on it and make a poster of the dos and Don’ts of dawah while using different colours, paints and glitters.

Alhamdulillah, there were many amazing entries and students tried hard on their posters. There were many creative entries and many well thought of ideas for the Dos and Donts of Dawah. The students encouraged a soft approach and from their homework, it was understood that the students understood the method of giving Dawah was not harsh and it is vital to not put too much pressure on the person and force them.

Overall, in just these three weeks, students had learnt a lot and had also showed their understanding via the homework. They were enthusiastic as well as curious about the new topic and showed the many questions they had regarding the topic.

Alhamdulillah, when students stepped into this month, they did not know what Dawah is and now, as this month is coming to a close, the students have developed a gradual understanding of what Dawah is and how to do it.

The best student from each time slot was given a prize for their hard work at home and at Madrassah, as well as interest in each of the lessons and improvement on their targets.


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