Niyyah November is coming to an end and the new month is beginning. Alhamdulillah, the month leaves as a success. The children learned about the importance of intentions and how they are essential regarding our actions. They learnt that all deeds we do should be for the sake of Allah (swt) above everything else.

Each week, a new project lesson takes place in which a new activity is presented to the students.

Week 1

This month, the first project lesson was a ‘research’ task in which students learnt about the importance of intention and how it affects actions.

The ‘weekend task’ for the students was to make a firm intention of a good deed they would like to do when they grow up. There were a lot of inspirational ideas such as wanting to get close to Allah, teach others about Islam and memorise the Quran. This was to increase their motivation and teach them to always aim high.

"My Intention is to be a Haafidha and an Aalimah so I can teach people and take them to Jannah with me"

Week 2

Following this, the next Friday students were involved in an activity to strengthen their knowledge. They all loved the activity and each child loved taking part. This enforced the information which they learnt the previous week and helped them to understand the value of intentions.

The next weekend task was for each student to do a good deed in secret, solely for the sake of Allah swt. They would have to tell their teacher at the end of the week to show that they did it. This task was to remind each of the students that all the good deeds we do in this life are only for the sake of Allah swt and to gain His pleasure rather than anything else, even if we may not be rewarded in this life, our reward remains with the All- Seeing in the next life Insha’Allah.

"I intend to please my parents by helping them with whatever they need and showing them respect and kindness."

Week 3

The final project lesson was an arts and craft activity in which each child made their ‘book of intentions’ in which they draw 6 intentions they intend to do when they grow up. This helped teach the children about good deeds and the intentions that should be with them. As this was a big project, students were to finish it as their weekend task. Alhamdulillah, we have had many artistic, creative and eye-opening ideas. It was heart-warming to see the intentions each child carefully thought of. This was to give them motivation to continue carrying out good deeds as they grow.

Alhamdulillah, the whole topic of intention was explored in many different ways and the students enjoyed participating in each one. May Allah (swt) grant each of them the ability to carry out their intentions and continue in good deeds.



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