Our theme this month was seeking knowledge.

During the 4 weeks, students explored the topic of seeking Islamic knowledge in more detail than previously done.


The target this month was to explore and understand:

  • The Importance of seeking knowledge
  • Future targets and goals in seeking knowledge
  • A case study of the life of Imam Nawawi (r.a) as a prime example of devotion to seeking knowledge
  • Manners and etiquette of seeking knowledge


Most students had understanding of the importance of seeking knowledge and some were also able to recall Hadith regarding this. Students participated in a range of activities to differentiate their learning.

Week 1: Performing a Play


During week one, students planned and performed a play in groups about seeking various types of knowledge in varying circumstances.

The purpose of this activity was to get children thinking about:


Is all knowledge the same?

What type of knowledge is the most rewarding to seek?

How can we seek knowledge in different places?

What do I want to learn over the next few years?

How about when I’m older?


Although most students performed their play about the school environment or Maktab, many were able to understand by the end that knowledge is not restricted to these places. There was also some discussion about the importance of Islamic knowledge.


The homework task for week one was write their future plan for what they want to learn over the next few years.

Week 2: The Life of Imam Nawawi (r.a)

During week two, students were taught about the life of Imam Nawawi r.a in the form of a short biography. Students had to work in groups to find answers to various sub-topics such as ‘The Books of Imam Nawawi’, ‘How Imam Nawawi was with his guests,’ ‘Imam Nawawi’s house’ e.t.c.


Students thoroughly enjoyed learning about Imam Nawawi r.a and many expressed their surprise on ‘How he wouldn’t go out to play because he wanted to recite Quran,’ and how ‘There wasn’t space for his guests to sit because he had so many books everywhere.’


The homework task for week two was to write a summary about the life of Imam Nawawi r.a

Week 3: Manners of Seeking Knowledge


During week three, students discussed the importance of manners in general and then the topic of the manners of seeking knowledge and its importance. They then made a poster summarising what they had learned about this sub-topic.

Many creative pieces of work were submitted and portrayed just how important the correct understanding of these topics is for young minds in this day and age.


The homework task for week three was to complete their posters.

Week 4: Wrapping it up

During week four, students participated in an activity to summarise everything they had learned during the month. They had to talk about what had they learned about the importance of seeking knowledge and the correct manner of seeking it.

This months prize winners

Winners of the Monthly prizes are:

4 pm timeslot – Mustafa Ali and Halima Bibi

5:30 pm timeslot – Adam Rehman and Zaara Naheed

Weekend Maktab – Mohammed Umer and Aleena Shafiq



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