Alhamdulillah, Muslims around the world were able to experience Ramadan this year, with the lockdown easing just before it began, many opportunities for learning, teaching and worshipping collectively had opened up for Muslims all over the UK.

At Ad-Duha Institute this Ramadan we were busier than previous years with a launch of new Ramadan-specific talks, new courses and projects.

Students at Maktab level were each given the brand new ‘Ramadan Journal’ which they were tasked to complete over the blessed month.

This journal contained a daily reflection page for them to keep track of their prayers, fasts, good deeds they did during the day, as well as daily reflections and Hadith. With each day there was an activity page for them to complete based on the themes/messages of each Juz of the Quran.

Alhamdulillah, the students learned many new things during the month.

Ramadan-specific talks, new courses and projects.

Towards the end of the month, students began preparing for the annual Eid-al-Fitr art competition. This year’s competition was based on the activities from the Ramadan Journal.

SubhanAllah! We saw many amazing entries and beautiful artwork and a lot of hard work from our students.

The winners of the art competition were: Musab Kamaluddin, Hanan Munem and Eman Ayub, the prizes would be given at the Eid party.

We were also able to send out our free printable Eid decoration kit with 5 unique designs and banners.

During the month, for adults, we had a daily motivational talk taking place after Asr prayers.

The topics ranged from Tafseer, Hadith Dars, Description of Jannah and Jahannum, Lessons for Teens, lives of the Khulafa to the brothers Halaqah. Everyone is welcome and the classes are free.

For sisters exclusively, we had morning classes taking place with topics such as Tajweed, Islamic Essentials, Hadith lesson, Urdu speech and Stories of the Sahabah.

Basic Arabic was also a new course that began this Ramadan focusing on the basic rules of Arabic grammar and helping students build a foundation in their Arabic studies. Alhamdulillah, the classes were beneficial for all.

Alhamdulillah, many were joining us for Taraweeh prayers this year so much so that at times we found we had a lack of space!

We also had a daily Iftar program running for brothers after the Maghrib prayers. The sense of unity and brotherhood was described by many as their favourite part.

During the month, many generous brothers and sisters donated to Ad-Duha by setting up a monthly donation to support our current and upcoming projects. Alhamdulillah, we have many more projects upcoming in the next few months.

May Allah s.w.t accept from us and you. Ameen.

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