Alhamdulillah all the children loved taking part in Save Salah September.

Every Friday, there was a project lesson in which students would participate in an activity linking to this theme. The activity varied each week. On each weekend following the activity, students had a ‘weekend task’ to complete and Alhamdulillah, we had many great entries.

Week 1

Our first project lesson of Save salah September was a research activity in which students discussed different things regarding salah. The purpose of this was to allow students to feel the spirituality behind salah so that they may be encouraged to pray and so they can understand the importance of it.

Over the weekend, students had a task of noting down all the prayer names as well as how much raka’aat in each prayer. There were many creative ideas with great colour and material.

Week 2

The following Friday, there was a play and learn activity. Children had fun playing board games in teams with questions asked regarding all that was discussed in the research activity. This was to enforce their learning through activity. Alhamdulillah, all students loved it and were very enthusiastic throughout the activity.

The weekend task following this activity was researching and naming the different positions of prayer. Many students worked hard to find out the names of the different positions and utilised their research abilities.

I started to read namaz everyday and after namaz I would do dua for everything to go back to normal

My mum would hide sweets under the prayer mat and then tell me to pray

Week 3

The third week of saving salah September surrounded an arts and craft activity in which students made a poster displaying a prayer mat and the importance of salah. Many students enjoyed the activity and there were many creative entries. The purpose behind this was to see how each individual understood the lessons and how they each had a different connection to their salah.

Following this, students had the task of writing their ‘salah story’. Subhan Allah, there were many great stories and each child showed their own spiritual connection to salah. This was to encourage the students to carry on and build a connection with their salah.

Here are some of the entries:

Salah story by Adam Rehman age 9

In march there was a pandemic and the whole world was in lockdown. It was scary. People were dying. Noone was allowed to go out incase they get the virus.

Then I started to read namaz everyday and after namaz I would do dua for everything to go back to normal inshaallah

Salah story by Taha Ehsen age 9

The thing that made me start praying was madrassah and my beloved mother.

It was when ustad told me to start by praying 3 prayers a day so I started. My mum was like “you are too young” but then she let me read and I liked it.

I give a big thank you to Ustadh because he has taught me throughout the year

A special prayer

By Harris aged 14

There is a special prayer before fajr called tahajjud.

This prayer is something not everyone can read. Only a few people read it as it is hard to wake up for and its optional so if you do pray it you will be immensely rewarded.

This brings you closer to Allah as the Prophet (saw) would pray it and encourage us to do the same

There was a story of a person who became Muslim after hearing a verse of the Qur’an from a house he was trying to rob. The person inside was praying tahajjud and the words of the Qur’an effected and changed him.

I tried to wake up for this prayer once but I woke up after fajr had just started and I’d missed tahajjud by a hairline. It was really hard to wake up as you think you had little sleep. So if you do wake up for tahajjud you will be counted by Allah as one of his beloved worshippers

Laiba M – Salah Story

What made me start? When I was younger I would watch my parents praying and would wonder what are they doing. At the age of 5 my mum taught me how to read and explained that it is Fardh on us and as Muslims it is our duty to pray 5 times a day.

My earliest memory? One of my earliest memories was when I first started praying. My mum would hide my favourite sweets under the prayer mat  and she would tell me to perform Wudhu. Then I would pray and when I finished I would pick up the mat and see my favourite sweets.

A special prayer? A special prayer to me is when I ask for something in that prayer and it would come true. For example, I really wanted to go to Spain after lockdown was over. I even told my parents that I was constantly asking for that in my Salah, my Dua came true and my parents surprised me and my sister with a holiday to Spain for 18 days. We went with my cousins and had a fabulous time.

A prayer where you felt very close to Allah? There are many prayers where I have felt close to Allah. However, the most recent one was during Ramadan. Due to Covid 19 all the men had to pray Taraaweeh at home, so we had the opportunity to pray behind our dad. It was during a Taraaweeh prayer where I felt something different, like I was praying right in front of Allah. This has to be the prayer where I felt the closest to Allah.

Week 4

The final week of saving salah September was an activity to summarise all that was covered in the month. Children loved participating in active learn and learned many new things throughout the month. This was to allow them to remember everything that they had covered so that they may implement some of it in their lives.

The final homework they were given was to pray in jamaa’ah (congregation) with their families and then write about it. This was so students could continue the spirit of Salah and encourage their friends and families as well. It was also to encourage students to take action and increase their salah.


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