Our theme this month was the Islamic Calendar. During the 4 weeks, students explored the Islamic Calendar and months of Islam. The target this month was to explore and understand:

For many students, this was their first time learning the names of the months and for some, it was their first encounter with the Islamic calendar itself. Students participated in a range of activities to differentiate their learning.

Week 1: Research

During week one, students went around ‘investigating’ to find the answers to Questions such as:

In which month was the Quran revealed?

Which month does Hajj take place in?

What are the 4 sacred months?

Although most students did not know the names of the Months at this point, they actively participated in the activity and thoroughly enjoyed being ‘investigators’ and reporting back the answers.

The homework task for week one was to find out the Hijri date for that day.

Week 2: Islamic Months Game

During week two, students were given a task where as a team they had to work through a list to find the names of the Islamic Months, teamwork and cooperation were essential here as students competed to win the game.

The homework task for week two was to write about their favourite Islamic Month and why it was their favourite.

Week 3: Islamic Calendar poster

During week three, students made a poster summarising what they had learned about the Islamic Calendar. Many creative pieces of work were submitted and portrayed just how important the correct understanding of these topics is for young minds in this day and age.

The homework task for week three was to complete their posters and calendars.

Week 4: Wrapping up

During week four, students participated in an activity to summarise everything they had learned during the month. They had to remember the months successively at a rapid speed in order to succeed.

The homework task for week four was to ensure that they had memorised the names of the Islamic months for a small test the following week.

September 2021: Prize Winners

Winners of the Monthly prizes are:

4 pm timeslot – Airah Bashir and Zayaan Abdur-Rahman

5:30 pm timeslot – Huzaifah Mohammed and Fatima Shebab

Weekend maktab – Hawa Khan and Muhammad Yunus

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