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About Us
Through a values-based approach, our students can grow to realise their full potential and play an active role as Muslims in their communities and wider society.

Our Story

We began as a small class at home, with the first students being Ustadh’s own family, whom have since gone on to become teachers themselves.

As an institute, we now have over 300 students ranging from 3 year olds in Pre-Maktab to some of our eldest students over 70 years of age studying the Qaidah with us in the last year.

Over the last year, we have provided hundreds of hours of classes, courses and activities. We cater to the needs of the community and members of all ages. From Quran recitation, Arabic language, life essentials skills for Teens and Further Maktab, Classes for sisters, Tafseer, Seerah and Lessons from Hadith as well as classes for Pre-Maktab and many more.

Our New Beginning

Moving to a new building

In July 2020 we were able to move to a brand new premises in order to accommodate more students. This was amidst the Covid-19 Pandemic and despite the restrictions and lockdowns, along with switching between online and in person learning, our students have remained with us and our numbers have continued to grow.

An Overview Of Our Projects

Maktab Classes

Arabic For Adults

Tajweed For Adults

Children's Classes

Motivational Classes

Sisters Classes

Jummah Prayer

Community Service

How Your Donations Will Benefit

Launch Of Ad-Duha Social

These include funding our much needed social branch addressing the needs of the community through projects such as our upcoming Youth Club and Sisters Coffee Mornings.

Upholding Existing Projects

Your donations will go towards helping the Madrassah running all the current courses and activities including our FREE courses and Maktab Prizes, along with supplies needed for youth projects.

Building Maintenance

Both daily Salah and Jummu'ah take place in the building. Your donation will be a means of reward for you for all of the people worshipping and benefitting from the facility on a daily basis.

Online Platform

We have many students that interact with us daily online, whom benefit from the content we produce and distribute. Donations will allow us to expand our online platform to reach a wider and more diverse audience.

About The Ad-Duha Institute

The best of you is the one who learns the Quran and teaches it. (Bukari)

Ad-Duha Institute is a non-profit organisation that was unofficially set up in December 2011 with a humble start by offering Quran reading classes to neighbouring children to address the need in our locality.

Over the years by the grace of Allah the Almighty we have managed to naturally grow and expand our services to meet the growing needs of the local community.

With the growing list of students on our waiting list, we expanded to a new premises and launched more classes for all members of the community including specialised and engaging talks for teenagers, pre-maktab classes for infants, regular classes for adults offering Tajweed lessons, Arabic classes and talks both in English and Urdu.

Our aim has always been to equip students with the necessary knowledge and tools to develop a deep-rooted love and relationship with Sunni Islam. Through learning, understanding and embodying the Quran and Sunnah, students learn to fulfil their religious rites and duties in an informed manner.

We also focus on teaching key Muslim values, skills and attitudes, such as God-consciousness, respect, tolerance and mercy for all life. We aim to give students the skills to live and build healthy relationships with others in furthering the common good.

Through such a values-based approach, our students can grow to realise their full potential and play an active role as Muslims in their communities and wider society.

Our Teachers

All our male classes are taught by male teachers and female classes are taught by female teachers

Mufti Huzaifa Saeed

Main Imam and Hifdh Teacher

Mufti Huzaifa Saeed began his journey of studying Islam from a young age.

He began memorising Quran at the age of 7 which he completed at the age of 11 in the year 1998. He then went on to delve into the Islamic sciences by studying the Darse Nizami Kaamil for 6 years at Jamia Imdaadu Uloom Islamiyya. There he benefited from the school’s lecturers, specifically its late principal, Shaykh Hassan Jaan (Rahimahullah).

In 2007, Mufti Huzaifa moved to Karachi to study the final 2 years of his Alimiyyah course under Shaykh Mufti Taqi Uthmani (d.b.) at Darul Uloom Karachi. He graduated from there receiving Ijazah to teach the various sciences he had studied.

After graduating, Mufti Huzaifa was honoured to study a 2 year Mufti course – Takhassus (specialisation) in Ifta at Jamia Zakariyya Karbogha Sharieff under Shaykh Syed Mufti Mukhtar Uddin Shah Saheb (d.b). During this time he had practise issuing Fatwas and served as a lecturer at the same institute.

For the next ten years, Mufti Huzaifa remained busy in his roles of being an Imam, a Khateeb, a teacher of Islamic sciences, a Hifdh teacher and a Mufti at various Masjids and Madrassahs such as: Masjid Momin Peshawar, Madrassah Daruleeman, Jamia Imdaadul Uloom and Masjid Abdullah bin Masood (UK).

He is now one of the Imams and teaches Islamic Sciences and the Hifdh class at Ad-Duha institute.

Ustadh Awais Mohammed

Teacher and Youth work manager

Born and raised in the United Kingdom, Ustadh Awais completed his school and college education however felt a need to better himself.

Thus he decided to seek islamic knowledge and enrolled at Darul Ilm in the full time Alimiyyah course.

Soon after he joined As-Suffa Institute whilst work full time. He currently teaches weekend classes and delivers speeches to teenage audiences.

Ustadh Awais also has a Youtube Channel which he uses for the purpose of Dawah Knowledge is light productions

Maulana Ahmed Zaman

Courses Instructor

Maulana Ahmed Zaman studied at As-Suffa institute from 2012-2018. At his time there, he taught the tajweed classes from 2013 onwards and the evening classes in 2017.

In the year 2018 he went to further implement his education through da’wah. He spent a year traveling around parts of England and Pakistan in the form of Tableegh.

Thereafter he started teaching at As-Suffa under the watch and supervision of his teachers. This lasted for 2 years until today.

He has since taught the pliminary full time and evening classes and other courses during the weekdays and weekends. These consist of tajweed, spoken Arabic, Quranic Arabic, and other short courses.

Maulana Azhar Mohammed

Director of Operations

The founder of Ad-Duha Institute. Mid way through his secondary education he had a desire to learn the Qur’an. So he travelled to Pakistan and enrolled for the Hifdh class in a madrassah called Imdaadul Uloom Peshawar.

Upon returning to the united kingdom three years later he continued his secular education and started working at an accounting firm as an assistant accountant. Around this time he embarked on a journey of seeking Islamic knowledge and joined As-Suffa Institute.

Ustadh Azhar has been teaching the Qur’an to children from home for over eight years and the Adults Tajweed course at As-Suffa Institute for over four years

Feedback And Testimonials

Knowledge is Light Productions
Knowledge is Light Productions
The brotherhood is fantastic
Sabrina Ul-Hasan
Sabrina Ul-Hasan
Madrasah is great and teachers are helpful. Theres a variety of courses they offer which is good as well. I wish there was more courses for working adults however. My child also learns from the madrasah. Im pleased with the progress and how the madrasah makes it fun with activities to engage the child.
Tanvir Khan
Tanvir Khan
The teachers are qualified and my kids progressing very well.
I am feeling blessed to write few words about this Ad Duha institute it’s a nice place to offer prayers and management of the institute is trying their best get community involved in religious activities. Maktab classes are focused on overall knowledge of Deen rather then just teaching kids how to read Quran I can see the positive difference in my child’s overall knowledge of Islam and of course improvement in tajweed. May Allah swt bless the kind people who are doing this great work in highly organised manner.
Rajah Khan
Rajah Khan
Friendly brothers who help run the madrasa, cant say anything but good things about them about the way they teach both their students,and how they spread knowledge amongst anyone who is eager for it. I would recommend anyone and everyone to send their children to learn in this institute,and for the others to attend their salah there.
Sajad AkramAdults Tajweed
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Ustaad you have a very warm personality which is an essential component of being an effective teacher (Maa’sh’Allah) Your explanations are very clear and you always keen to ensure the students made progress
SabWeekday Maktab
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I am very happy with their teaching. My daughters are very happy and want to learn more every day, excited to go madrassah. My girls read namaz at home which their ustadha had a big hand in. Their teaching skill are excellent 5 stars from me
AnonymousWeekend Maktab
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I have 3 children going to the madrassah. Daughters have weekend maktab and in the 2 days masha allah have gained alot of knowledge about our deen

They learn the quran and islamic studies. They have good tajweed and Islamic manners. They enjoy going to madrassah.

My son goes weekdays maktab and he has gained alot of knowledge and and looks forward to go to his class
MariaSisters Free Classes
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I attend the sisters classes which have been very beneficial for me

They have helped me to correct my quran and salah, and the talks i have attended are always relatable to our lives today.

I think it is important to not only encourage your children but also yourself to improve your deen so the sisters classes are a must for all mother
Khalil ArshadWeekday Maktab
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I recommend this place to everyone who wants their childern to learn Quran and Islamic studies. The teachers are really good and kind to the children. My kids love going there
NaziaWeekday Maktab
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Alhamdulillah my daughter has been attending for over 2 years and has gained a great deal of knowledge.

Quran tilawah with tajweed, Islamic studies and encouragement and incentive for her to start reading salah, which my daughter has started to do by herself and loves to go madrassah too.

The teachers have an excellent manner and method of teaching and give rewards & awards to keep students motivated with key focus on their Islamic identity.

May Allah swt make this madrassah a success put barakah in all their work and reward the teachers for their hard work and dedication. Ameen
AltafWeekend Maktab
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My 3 daughter’s really enjoy studying at this mosque,they have learned so much in a short period of time. They learn about Islam and my daughter’s enjoy learning as they have fun activities too
HaleemaWeekday Maktab
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Assalamu alaykum my daughter has started Ad-Duha class Allhamdulillah as a parent I am really happy with how she has progressed Allhamdulillah the Ustadah’s are amazing SubhanAllah
Muhammah HaseebWeekday Maktab
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Asalaaam Alaikum. My 2 children have been attending this madrassah for 5+ years and have gained a great deal of knowledge. Not only in reciting with tajweed but also Islamic manners.

The ustadh’s put in great effort within the children’s teaching. I am content that my children have gained excellent education within the deen as they are praying and focusing on their Islamic beliefs and are able to identify the rights and wrongs in Islam.

May Allah Swt make this madrassah a success and reward the ustadhs. Ameen
MariaWeekend Maktab
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My daughter has been attending the weekend classes for a few months now and i have noticed a great deal of change in her pronounciation.

Not only is she learning the rules of tajweed but she also has the confidence to teach and correct me in my recitation.

So far she has learnt some stories of the prophets, the importance of cleanliness, how to perform wudu, and other various topics in her islamic studies
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