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Teenage Islamic Classes
Expand your knowledge of Islam and the Quran with our teenager Islamic Classes

Pearls - Teenage Youth Club

This session will include:
Exhilarating trip to “Escape Live” to take part in the escape room challenge. Students and Ustadhas will need to combine wits to overcome 3 challenging scenarios.

Places are limited, hence early bookings are advised to avoid disappointment.

The trip includes travel to and from Escape Live. Drop off and collection will be done from Ad-Duha Institute InshaAllah. Please bring your own packed lunch

About Pearls:
One-of-a-kind Teen Girls Club delivered by Ustadha Nada Umm Nour, a software engineer who holds a B.Sc degree in biochemistry and has studied Islam under Shaykh Isam Rajab.

Her passion is to empower young Muslimahs to embrace their Islamic identity in a world of conflicting identities, instil love for science and math through unique workshops that are built on discoveries made by Muslim pioneers of the past such as Ibn Sina, Ibn al -Haythum.

Saturday 24th December 2022
Girls aged 14+
Cost: £15

Boys to Men - Teenage Youth Club

This session: Overnight Retreat – Stayover in the Masjid

Workshops on various topics
Party games and Kahoot!
Pizza, drinks and breakfast
Open Q&A till late at night
Qiyaam with the brothers
Penalty Shootout

Sleeping bag and pillow required

Sunday 25th December 2022
5:30pm till 10:30am the next day

Boys aged 14+ only
Cost: £10
Food, Drinks and Breakfast provided

Teenage Islamic Classes In Birmingham

A post-maktab course for students who desire to study further.

Probably the most essential age to keep connected with the masjid, the deen and like-minded people.

This is usually the age our children stop studying at a madrassah and move on to other things. However, knowing the impact a person’s company plays in their life should motivate us to influence that company.

Why Choose Us?

Small Class Sizes

Structured Syllabus Taught By Qualified & Experienced Staff

High Quality Teaching

Development of ‘Ilm (Knowledge) ‘Aml (Practices) & Akhlaq (Etiquettes)

Newcomers Always Welcome

Advanced Islamic Studies for Teens

The course has two main purposes:

1. With children reaching their teenage years, their exposure to haram is dramatically increased. (Music, bad language, mixing with the opposite gender).
Alongside this they’re taught atheistic theories and values in a way which makes them doubt their Deen and upbringing.

We aim to have subjects which both cover contemporary matters (atheism, hijab etc) and motivational lessons to make them want to stay away from haram

2. We aim to give them a headstart into any further studies they may want to do in their deen. Be it the Alimiyyah course or the Arabic language or even learning to translate the Qur’an



7:30pm: Contemporary Issues

8:30pm: Qur’an Translation and Tafseer


7:30pm: Qur’an Reading and Tajweed

8:30pm: Islamic History and Seerah

Cash Payments

£ 40 Per Month
  • 3 Children For £110

Direct Debit Payments

£ 37 Per Month
  • 3 Children For £100

Course Content

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