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Teenage Islamic Courses In Birmingham

Probably the most essential age to keep connected with the masjid, the deen and like-minded people.

This is usually the age our children stop studying at a madrassah and move on to other things. However, knowing the impact a person’s company plays in their life should motivate us to influence that company.

Further Education Classes

A post-maktab course for students who have completed a khatm and are fluent in their Qur’an recitation.

The course has two main purposes:

1. With children reaching their teenage years, their exposure to haram is dramatically increased. (Music, bad language, mixing with the opposite gender).
Alongside this they’re taught atheistic theories and values in a way which makes them doubt their Deen and upbringing.

We aim to have subjects which both cover contemporary matters (atheism, hijab etc) and motivational lessons to make them want to stay away from haram

2. We aim to give them a headstart into any further studies they may want to do in their deen. Be it the Alimiyyah course or the Arabic language or even learning to translate the Qur’an

Cash Payments

£ 40 Per Month
  • 3 Children For £100

Direct Debit Payments

£ 37 Per Month
  • 3 Children For £90

Course Content

Why Choose Us?

Small Class Sizes

Structured Syllabus Taught By Qualified & Experienced Staff

High Quality Teaching

Development of ‘Ilm (Knowledge) ‘Aml (Practices) & Akhlaq (Etiquettes)

Newcomers Always Welcome

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