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Ad-Duha Pre-Maktab gives your child the perfect start in their Maktab journey. We provide inspiring and stimulating childcare and Islamic Studies for children from 4 to 5 years. Our programme focuses on Tarbiyyah as well as using a child-centred approach and encouraging the development of children through interaction, play, creativity, and physical activity within a nurturing and happy environment.

As a pressing need in the Muslim community, the Pre-Maktab programme received much recognition on its launch and ever since has had increasing demand from the community.

Our Pre-Maktab has a specifically designed 2-year syllabus including core Islamic Subjects such as Arabic Letter recognition, Letter pronunciation, Joined letter forms, Arabic numbers, Makharij awareness, Essential Islamic Beliefs, Islamic History, Life of the Prophet Muhammed s.a.w, Sunnah and Adhkaar, Akhlaq and Adab, Wudhu, Salah and Duas and much more.

Those who complete the 2 year Pre-Maktab programme get a head start through their Maktab journey often completing essential studies well in advance of other children of similar age and ability and hence go onto further studies of more advanced aptitude.

The Pre-Maktab programme is taught by qualified Early Years teachers with years of experience managing and teaching in nurseries.

By the end of their Pre-Maktab journey your child will be able to:

Course Timetable

Why Choose Us?

Small Class Sizes

Structured Syllabus Taught By Qualified & Experienced Staff

High Quality Teaching

Fun Environment Full Of Activities

Regular Progress Reports

Maktab Course Fees

For the renting of the premises and running of the Maktab, it is vital that Fees are paid on time.

Please try to pay your fees as early in the month as possible. Please note, there will be a fine of £1 per day after the 14th of the same month if no reason has been given by the parents.

If you have financial hardship and find it hard to make full fee payment, please contact us in writing explaining your circumstances with evidences. We will review your application and if authorized, we may offer you some reduction in your monthly fee. Each application will be dealt with on a case–to–case basis by our admin team.

Families going on holidays during the term are expected to give us written information and are required to make full payment in advance. There will not be any reduction in fee for not attending the Maktab during holidays. Families going on holiday without any prior information may lose their places in Maktab

Paying Monthly
£ 40 Per Month
  • 3 Children = £110
Paying Monthly
Direct Debit
£ 37 Per Month
  • 3 Children = £100

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