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Social distancing

Being an educational institute, we have opted for the option of grouping each class into bubbles rather than have children socially distance.

This is in line with government guidelines which can be found here:

Students feeling ill or self-isolating

Attending the madrassah whilst feeling unwell or having been sent home from school and told to isolate is strictly prohibited. We are freely allowing absences for small risk illnesses too to prevent any spread

Confirmed cases of covid-19

Anyone in a bubble group catching covid-19 will result in the entire class having to self-isolate for two weeks. Alhamdulillah this hasn’t occurred yet .

Drop-offs and pickups

We implore all parents to maintain punctuality when bringing and collecting their children. It is our duty to try to call your children out as soon as possible to reduce your waiting time.

Enhanced cleaning measures and improved hygiene

We are cleaning frequently touched surfaces before and after classes and also personally enforcing use of hand sanitizers before and after classes.

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