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Monthly Summary
Here's what happened at Ad-Duha this month!

Including our Youth activities, Adult courses, Community projects, Sisters gatherings and Family Events
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Sister's Annual Conference

Alhamdulillah, a great turnout for the first Annual Sisters’ conference at Ad-Duha Institute.

The Theme for this year’s conference was ‘ From Blossom to Bloom’, focusing on the various stages of a Muslimah’s life.

All our guest speakers delivered highly beneficial and motivational talks.

Ustadha Syeda Alimah (As-Suffa Institute) covered A Muslimah’s youth through the life of Aisha r.a

Ustadha Abidah Mahmood (As-Suffa Institute) covered A Muslimah’s marriage through the life of Fatima r.a

Ustadha Alima Ashfaq (Barakah Madrassah) covered A Muslimah’s legacy through the life of Khadija r.a

Sister Shakila also gave a great reminder about the importance of mental health in the life of a Muslim woman.

May Allah s.w.t reward all Ustadhas and volunteers for their efforts and make us be of those who strive to walk in the footsteps of the blessed ones who came before us. Ameen

Girls: Painting for Beginners

This month we had an amazing art session for girls at Ad-Duha Institute.

The girls tried their hand at acrylic painting, creating a beautiful, picturesque lighthouse at the seaside.

By the end of the session, many new skills were learned and confidence was soaring.

Boys: MMA Sessions

Boys MMA sessions were great! We loved seeing our students excited to learn new techniques with FUN games, special training, and cool tricks.

The sessions combined fun drills and fitness with essential life skills.

They are a great way to build confidence, foster discipline, and keep children active during the summer.

Sports Day 2023

Sports training builds stamina, speed, strength, spirit, and skill.

Activities included:
– Relay Race
– Beanbag toss
– Penalty shootout
– Sprint race
– Tug of war

Our students participated excitedly in all races. Amidst cheering and fun, they also learned team spirit and healthy competition. It was a memorable day enjoyed with full enthusiasm and zeal.


Youth Summer Programme

Our Youth summer programme took place this summer with over 70 young people benefitting from a range of activities at the Masjid.

Activities included beneficial Islamic workshops, competitive games, yummy food pizza and a highly challenging escape room based on details from the life of Prophet Ibrahim a.s.

The programme also included a stayover at the Masjid with boys joining in Jama’ah and other activities that take place at those times and having breakfast together.

May Allah s.w.t grant our youth attachment to the Masjid and to His Deen, Ameen.

Kids Weekly Football

Kick-off to Kids weekly football coaching sessions for boys aged 6-16

Sessions are led by qualified FA coaches and are run by Ad-Duha Institute, Madmud Sabir Masjid and IQ centre.


Dads and Doughnuts: Me, Myself and I

Dad’s and Doughnuts this month was on the topic of: Me, Myself and I

Brothers held discussions in groups whilst enjoying some delicious doughnuts

Chai & Chat

The holidays started with a challenging Kahoot to keep everyone on their toes.

Well done to team Ali & Shaq for getting first place!

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