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Monthly Summary
Here's what happened at Ad-Duha this month!

Including our Youth activities, Adult courses, Community projects, Sisters gatherings and Family Events
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Yearly Conference: End of Times

This month, we had our Annual Yearly conference on the topic of: End of Times.

Motivating lectures were given by Shaykh Abdul Majid, Mufti Muhammad Sajjad and Mufti Liaquat Zaman.

Talks included topics such as: The arrival of Imam Mahdi, The army of Ya’juj and Ma’juj and the Fitnah of Dajjal.

Maktab students recited some Quran and Nasheeds. The students of the year were also given their trophies.

🏆Boys Student of the Year 2023: Ibraheem Zaman
🏆Girls Student of the Year 2023: Fatimah Zahra Aziz

Click below to view full conference.

Youth Conference

This month, we had our Annual Youth conference titled: Gangster’s Paradise.

The entire conference was planned by our very own Lions Youth Club, with weeks of hard work, practise and hard work on the day for 100+ people in attendance.

Lectures were given by Maulana Yoosuf Zaman, Brother Ayaz, Brother Kashif and Shaykh Sikander Iqbal.

Talks included topics such as marriage advice for the Youth, the Islamic perspective on Music, and the harms of drugs and balloon usage.

Click below to view full conference.

Spirituality in Islam

An excellent talk given by Mufti Abdur-Rahman ibn Yusuf Mangera on the topic of Spirituality in Islam and its importance.

Mufti Abdur-Rahman Mangera spoke about practical ways we can bring life to our deeds and revive our spirit through daily recitation of the Quran, remembering Allah s.w.t and reflection on His names.

An excellent must-listen to talk | Link to Lecture below

Ghusl Workshop

An excellent workshop delivered by the team at Al-Akhirah (Muslim Funeral Directors).

The brothers showed everyone the different steps of washing the deceased and shrouding.

May Allah s.w.t reward them for their efforts and the excellent work they do, Ameen


Overnight Youth Stay

The overnight stay for the youth included a program of workshops, talks and gaming.

The boys enjoyed spending time with friends in a Halal environment whilst snacking, gaming and learning something new.

Homeschoolers - The Truth about Prophet Isa a.s

This month, our Homeschooling club learned about the life of Prophet Isa a.s and how to differentiate between myths and facts.
After an interactive storytime, the children played games and did some crafts.
Younger children made floating birds from craft paper, and older children made a ‘Debunking the Myths about Prophet Isa a.s’ leaflet.
Afterwards, everyone enjoyed some more fun and games.

Pearls: Muslimah Youth Club - Artistry of the Creator

Pearls this month was all about the beauty of nature and the signs of the Creator within His creation.

After engaging in an informative discussion about nature and reflection, the girls tried their hand at acrylic painting.

The session was led by @the_homeschoolies who made the session both educational and engaging

The girls learned new skills, such as using various brush techniques, dry brushing, colour mixing, creating shadows, depth and various effects on canvases.

Everyone had a great time and ended up becoming an artist by the end!


Chai and Chat

Chai and Chat was buzzing with activity, warm drinks and conversation.

Well done to team K_m_h for winning first place!

Dads and Doughnuts: Parenting needs in our community

This months Dads and Doughnuts was unique with a workshop on ‘Parenting needs in our community.”

The workshop was delivered by Approachable Parenting and was highly interactive and motivational, with plenty to discuss and reflect on.

Afterwards, everyone enjoyed a meal together.

Coffee Mornings

This month, the talks were about great conquests in Muslim history.

Ustadhas spoke about how when times were tough what was the response of the people of Imaan.

We also looked at lessons we can derive for our daily lives.

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