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Monthly Summary
Here's what happened at Ad-Duha this month!

Including our Youth activities, Adult courses, Community projects, Sisters gatherings and Family Events
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A look back at 2023

Alhamdulilah what a year, 2023 has been. From all the amazing classes, fun activities and amazing lectures, it truly has been an amazing year.

Find out more what we got up to below:

Honest Answers

An essential topic and a very enlightening discussion in this months’ honest answers session.

Brother Yusuf Patel gave an informative talk on RSE (relationship and sex education) and LGBT answering questions such as:

What is the problem with RSE teaching in schools?

Is it true that ‘LGBTQ+’ teaching is statutory in schools?

Are parents able to make changes to how a school teaches about sex, relationships and ‘LGBTQ+’?

How can we protect our children from being affected by ‘LGBTQ+’ indoctrination?

At what age should we start discussing about sex and relationships with our children?

How do we address ‘homosexuality’ with our children?

May Allah s.w.t reward him for his efforts and put Barakah in the amazing work he is doing, Ameen.


Pearls - The gift of Kindness

Pearls this month was all about the importance and beauty of kindness and its effects on the character of a Muslim and those around us.

After listening to a talk on the kindness of the Prophet s.a.w, the girls had fun making mug cakes and hot chocolate keeping in mind others’ preferences.

They carefully followed each recipe to suit each taste, and then gifted one another what they had made.

Homeschoolers - Let's learn about Palestine

Homeschooling this month was very informative with a focus on Palestine.
Children learned about the history of Palestine, the significance in Islam, and about the current occupation in a child friendly manner through a series of Storytime, quizzes, crafts and games.
Children also made Free Palestine badges and a model of The Dome of the Rock with the names of the Prophets written on the sides.
Afterwards, everyone enjoyed some more fun and games.

Sisters Monthly Gathering - Fortress of the Muslim

A beautiful talk on an essential topic by Ustadha Samina Janjua.

Ustadha spoke about the importance and effects of reading our daily Adhkaar and morning & evening supplications,

the beauty of remembering Allah s.w.t and getting closer to Him through small and consistent daily actions.

May Allah s.w.t reward Ustadha for her efforts, Ameen


Chai and Chat

Chai and Chat was buzzing with activity, warm drinks and conversation.

Coffee Mornings

This month, the talks were about Wellbeing and Healing in Islam.

Ustadhas spoke about how we can balance our priorities in life, healing our hearts with the beautiful guidance of the Quran and counting our blessings.

We also looked at lessons we can derive for our daily lives.

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