Islamic Preparatory Course for Marriage 2022.

This January, Mufti Muhammad Sajjad delivered an Islamic preparatory course for Marriage at Ad-Duha Institute.

The course covered many essential points about what every Muslim should know about Nikaah and Talaq, and how to achieve a successful marriage with real life examples and points of wisdom from Mufti Sajjad’s experience working at the Fiqh Council Birmingham.

Monthly Talk: Traversing the path to the Akhira

In January’s Monthly talk, Ustadh Idris Kennedy gave an uplifting reminder on preparation and the journey to the Akhira with an overview of Imam Ghazali’s (r.a) timeless book, Ihya Uloom ud Deen.


This month in Maktab: Our Family

Our Maktab classes this month looked closely at the subject of Family and its importance in Islam.

We covered topics such as:

⚪ Rights of our family members and fulfilling those rights

⚪Quran Ayahs and various Ahadith on the topic of family

⚪The blessing of having a family

⚪The role of family in society

⚪Being good to our family members 

⚪Upholding ties and seeing the best in our family members

⚪Identifying our roots and drawing out family trees

Students drew out their family trees and found out – for many for the first time – about their ancestors

This month in Further Maktab: Lives of the Khulafaa

Our Further Maktab class have now begun their Islamic History module this January. 

This month they covered the lives of the Khulafaa ar-Rashideen and the ten Sahabah promised paradise.

Adult Courses: Tajweed and Arabic Language

Alhamdulillah, Tajweed and Arabic courses now take place at Ad-Duha Institute every Saturday, Sunday and Monday mornings.

With the start of the January term, students of various ages have begun working on Arabic Grammar and Tajweed rules.


Brothers' Chai & Chat


This months Brothers’ Chai and Chat was sponsored by Muslim Hive (


50+ Brothers enjoyed yummy food and friendly chat on various topics.

Sisters' Islamic Gatherings: Marriage in Islam

During our sisters weekly gatherings this month, we held weekly talks with a focus on Marriage in Islam.

We also looked at various methods and examples of how to initiate and uphold a harmonious marriage by following our Deen.

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  1. Assalamualykum Masha Allah you do soo much Allah bless you all and give ability do much more. Plz plz can you somehow facilitate sisters to do more online and participate in these groups …talks….weekend seminars. Jazakillah Khairn

    1. Waalikum Assalaam

      Jazakumullahu khairan for your support

      February’s monthly talk will be online as well as onsite insha’allah

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