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Monthly Summary
Here's what happened at Ad-Duha this month!

Including our Youth activities, Adult courses, Community projects, Sisters gatherings and Family Events
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Monthly Talk: The coming of Dajjal

Shaykh Muhammad Taha gave an excellent talk this month on the coming of Dajjal.

Shaykh spoke about the signs of Dajjal mentioned in Ahadith, about Imam Mahdi (r.a), and gave highly beneficial advice for navigating these times of Fitnah.

May Allah s.w.t reward Shaykh Muhammad Taha for his efforts

Adhan Workshop

The Adhan workshop with Hafidh Tayyab was a great opportunity to learn the beautiful call to prayer and to use those vocal chords.

Brothers learned the art behind giving the Adhan as well as methods of developing confidence.

Will Making Workshop

This month we had an incredibly insightful workshop delivered by Maulana Rizwan Rashid @iwillsolicitors at Ad-Duha Institute.

Maulana Rizwan spoke about the importance of making a will and gave an overview of all the reasons to have an Islamic will. He also went through the method of making a will and calculating inheritance.

May Allah s.w.t reward Maulana Rizwan and the team @iwillsolicitors for their efforts.

Monthly Sisters Gatherings: Paradise and You

Alhamdulillah, this month was the first of a series of lectures delivered by Ustadha Khawla Umm Qutaybah from Sisters’ Project for our Monthly Sister’s Gatherings.
This month’s talk was titled: Paradise and You
Ustadha spoke about visualising our goal of getting to Jannah and some simple habits we can adopt to reach this goal.
All participants were also given a handout summarising these points and some action points to follow.

Dads and Doughnuts: The Pursuit of Happiness

Dad’s and Doughnuts this month was on the topic of: The Pursuit of Happiness

Brothers held discussions in groups whilst enjoying some delicious doughnuts from ‘Cha Cha Chai’


Maktab: Dhul-Hijjah

This month our students have been focusing on the topic of Hajj.

They’ve been looking at the virtues of Hajj, the method of Hajj and how each aspect links to the life of Ibrahim a.s.

They then went on to make their own visual demonstrations of how Hajj is performed…

Our Prize Winners this month were:

4PM Boys: Ibrahim.M

4PM Girls: Areeba.S

5.30PM Boys: Humzah.M

5.30PM Girls: Hibbah.E

Weekend Boys: Rahim.M

Weekend Girls: Aasiyah.S

PreMaktab Safa: Ibrahim

PreMaktab Marwah: Yusairah.S

Homeschoolers Club: Let's Do Hajj

Homeschooling Club this month was fully hands on with our homeschoolers participating in a practical demonstration of Hajj.

To begin the session, the children listened to the story of Ibrahim a.s. Each child was then given a Hajj passport and assigned to a group.

They were then tasked with going around each station, performing the Hajj rites in order and earning the correct stamps for their passports.

The children enjoyed all the different tasks, whether it was going around the Ka’bah, running between Safa and Marwah, staying in a tent at Mina, writing their Duas for ‘Arafah, stoning the Jamarat and cutting their hair at the barber shop, and worked hard to earn all the stamps.

To end the session, they practised putting all the steps of Hajj in the correct order.

Boys to Men: Walk of Faith

Highlights from our teenage Youth club – Boys to Mens’ trip to Sutton Coldfield Park

The trip included motivational talks, a day out with the brothers, and a challenging outdoor walk.

The group enjoyed fun activities and a competitive game of football and prayed together in Jama’ah.

Quran Halaqah

Every Sunday, we have our weekly Quran Halaqah with Hafidh Tayyab – (Sundays after Asr), Alhamdulillah its a great way to recite together and practise Tajweed

Afterwards, our volunteers had a get together with the younger ones going for a treat!


Lions Youth Club: Da'wah Stall

Last week, the Lions youth club organised and ran a Da’wah stall outside Ad-Duha.

They engaged passersby in interesting discourse and handed out beneficial literature.

Alhamdulillah, such initiatives are fully planned by our young volunteers with supervision from Ad-Duha teachers

Coffee Morning: The Muslimah Mindset

Some very insightful topics this month with our usual sisters’ gatherings and treats.

Each week was a new topic, a fresh perspective and key points to hold onto with examples from the lives of the best who walked amongst us.

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