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Monthly Summary
Here's what happened at Ad-Duha this month!

Including our Youth activities, Adult courses, Community projects, Sisters gatherings and Family Events
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Maktab Eid Party

Alhamdulillah everyone had a great time with the Kids Eid party celebration at Ad-Duha.

Great company and great food made for a great time

Awards were given out to the Ramadan map challenge winners and the Teenage challenges: Ramadan with the Jama’ah and Ramadan with the Quran.

A huge well done to all challenge participators for all their efforts throughout the month of Ramadan

Monthly Theme Healthy Muslims

This month, our theme was all about health. Students looked closely at the importance of looking after our bodies by exercising and eating healthy.

Our Prize Winners this month were:

Juz Amma Memorisation: Isa.M and Ibrahim.A

Child’s Gift Memorisation: Misbah.M

4PM Boys: Jibreel.K

4PM Girls: Maham.N

5.30PM Boys: Sudais.Z

5.30PM Girls: Faatimah.R

Weekend Boys: Ishaan.H

Weekend Girls: Aaizah.S

PreMaktab Safa: Rayyan.H

PreMaktab Marwah: Mahliqa.D

Well done to Ismaeel.M For completing his first recitation of the Quran.

4 Shahadahs at Ad-Duha

By the Mercy of Allah s.w.t, 2 brothers and 2 sisters took their Shahadah at Ad-Duha.

May Allah s.w.t keep them steadfast in their new life, Ameen.

Pearls - Learn about Sahabiyat

With super-refreshing Mojitos to end the session, Pearls this month was a treat. The girls learned about the lives of the Sahabiyat and then made scrapbooks showcasing the lives of each one.

They then watched a live demonstration by the talented @mojitocartel on the art of making Mojitos and made their own.

Jazakallahu Khairan to Mojitos and all volunteers for their efforts.


Homeschoolers Club: All About Good Deeds

Homeschooling Club this month was ‘All about Good Deeds’.

Our Homeschoolers had a discussion about all the various types of Good deeds and rewards associated, they then played charades guessing the Good Deed and the Arabic letter it starts with.

They also had fun drawing around and labelling each body part with good actions we can perform with each limb.

For crafts, they made Good Deed flashcards and a Good Deeds tree.

To end the session, they enjoyed interactive storytime with the story: I’ve Lost My Sunnah Smile.

Monthly Talk: Trials and Tribulations

A great talk by Maulana Muhammad Shuaib on dealing with tests and trials in life.

Maulana also spoke about the life of Prophet Ayyub a.s and how we can derive lessons from his exemplary Sabr. 

Full lecture available on Youtube

Quran Halaqah

Every Sunday, we have our weekly Quran Halaqah with Hafidh Tayyab – (Sundays after Asr), Alhamdulillah its a great way to recite together and practise Tajweed

Afterwards, our volunteers had a get together with the younger ones going for a treat!


Dads and Donuts

Dad’s and Donuts was all about connecting to other dads, sharing personal tips and sincere advise.

May’s topic was staying connected with extended family

Advise included: Getting a will made, taking time out to stay connected and forgiving shortcomings.

Chai and Chat

Chai and Chat and Bubbles!

For the Chai and Chat Eid special there was an extra treat for the kids with fun bubble wands.

The Kahoot was very close between team Imad, Cookie and Khalid bin Waleed

Well done to team Khalid bin Waleed for getting first place on the podium!

Sweetness of Salah

A very beneficial talk at the Ad-Duha Coffee morning delivered by sister Khawlah Umm Qutaybah from Sisters’ Project with some excellent tips on developing Khushoo in our Salah.

May Allah s.w.t reward sister Khawlah and the team @sisters.project_ for the excellent work they are doing and for their support of sisters both local and globally.

Coffee Morning Eid Party

Sisters Eid al-Fitr Party – 2023

Alhamdulillah a great atmosphere and delicious food!

Chicken Pulao, Samosa Chaat, Lotus milk cake and Chocolate cheesecake were only the tip of the iceberg with all the various types of savoury dishes, snacks and deserts.

Sisters enjoyed snacking, chatting and trying different cuisines.

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