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Monthly Summary
Here's what happened at Ad-Duha this month!

Including our Youth activities, Adult courses, Community projects, Sisters gatherings and Family Events
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Monthly Talk - Through the Mirror

Shaykh Saddique Qureshi gave an insightful talk on a deeper look at the interconnectivity of the senses of man.

Click the link below to watch the live recording…

Booster Classes

With exam season rife with nerves, tension and stress, we had revision sessions running throughout the month for students doing their GCSEs.

Sessions took place for English, Maths and Science for both boys and girls.

Students were reminded to Study hard, pray Salaah on time, make Dua after each prayer and place their trust in Allah. 


Pearls - The key to Jannah

Pearls this month was all about remembering the importance of Salah and its place in our lives.

After engaging in some important discussions on setting goals in praying Salah with Ihsaan, eliminating distractions and looking at the reason that we pray, the girls looked in detail at those things that often become obstacles for praying Salah on time. 

Afterwards they used their art skills to do some canvas painting depicting ‘Sins falling off as the leaves fall from the trees’.

Homeschoolers - All about Adaab

This month our Homeschoolers learned all about manners and ettiquettes.

The looked at the manners of sleeping, eating, waking up and going to the toilet.

They read a story and looked at the Sunnah and daily routine of the Prophet s.a.w. 

Tafseer Dars: Surah Rahman

Beautiful points and insights from the Weekly Thursday night Tafseer Dars.

This month, Ustadh Azhar began the Tafseer of Surah Rahman with a focus on the profound beauty, connection and eloquence of the verses.


Dad's and Doughnuts

This months’ Dads and Doughnuts was on the topic of making time for Ibadah.

Alhamdulillah, the brothers came up with some very useful tips and advice.

Chai and Chat

Chai and Chat was buzzing with activity, warm drinks and conversation.

Coffee Mornings

This month, the talks were about the Six Articles of Faith.

Ustadhas spoke these pillars of Imaan and what our beliefs are as Muslims.

We also looked at lessons we can derive for our daily lives.

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